Take Your Airbnb’s Styling To The Next Level

With more than 5 million listings worldwide and over 400 million travelers using the platform to date, Airbnb has never been more popular. The share economy has upturned the hospitality industry into a digital-first business where anyone can run their own hotel out of their home.

As Airbnb hosts are increasingly looking to elevate their homes in order to attract more guests and  some companies have created design-oriented offerings to fulfill this need,  creating custom interiors for homes.

According to Laura Ward, Design Director of At Home with Hostmaker, a well-designed home attracts more bookings on Airbnb and guests have a more enjoyable experience from the moment they enter the door.

[Guests] get there and they experience a consistent style throughout, which kind of makes them feel that the host cares about their home, which I think is quite important,” Ward said. “It’s important for the reviews as well, to get good feedback. If you take time to curate a nice design, it’s something that’s going to stay in people’s minds.”

The At Home with Hostmaker team shared ten of their top design tips to instantly take your Airbnb listing to the next level:

Designed for Comfort

Firstly, you want your guests to feel as though the space has been thoughtfully designed with their needs in mind. It doesn’t cost a lot to craft something a little more special! Add coat stands in the foyer or a chalk board in the kitchen with some quick recipes jotted down. Place an ottoman in the lounge for travelers’ weary feet after a day of sight-seeing, or make sure there are enough towel pegs in the bathroom to hang extra fluffy towels.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Bold

Don’t shy away from statement interior schemes, like oversized art pieces, wall murals or magnificent hanging lighting options. The goal is to make your Airbnb listing stand out, and there are plenty of adventurous guests looking for a space with a “wow factor”. You might choose to paint round the window frames in a quirky color, suspend interesting items from ceiling beams, or create a luxurious window seating for lazy afternoons in.

Dress Up The Windows

If you can afford not to, don’t use roller blinds. Heavier curtains work well and add so much warmth to a room, which is especially important for winter months. Blackout curtains work best for a quality night’s sleep. Guests like privacy, so sheer curtains are an extra add on that you might want to consider. Our favorite curtain fabric that we used to design a home had a repeat pattern of jellies and pigeons—a real talking point!

Style With Flowers and Greenery

Explosive flower hangings are usually popular and make for dreamy pictures that guests want to share.

Allow for as much natural light to come into your space as possible in order to give life to your fresh flowers and plants. You can opt for long colorful stems in vases on tables, kitchen counter-tops, or coffee tables to lift photographs. Faux flowers are an excellent alternative for longer lasting options.

Embrace The Small Spaces

Instead of pulling out all the stops to make a space look bigger, try embracing the smallness! Create a cozy reading nook that guests won’t want to leave, or a snug music library hangout filled with cushions. For ultimate coziness, embrace a rich color scheme, like dark eggplant, that alludes to luxury and relaxation. You could also paint the ceiling to further enhance the intimate space.

Make It Instagrammable

Incorporate unique items into your interior that gives the room an Instagrammable focus point! Think about specific corners where you can achieve these fun ideas. Some ideas include a large wall-mounted stags head, a floor-standing feather lamp, or a shelving unit laced with local handmade ceramics.

Avoid Boring White Walls

Be brave and choose bold wallpaper or knock-out paint colors on feature walls. Pinterest can help you with lots of outside-the-box ideas. Try painting half and half walls, for example selecting a bold color like Mylands Bloomsbury and pairing it with a toned down shade like Egyptian Grey.

Mix Up Textures and Budgets

Use a blend of more expensive statement furniture pieces mixed with detailed secondhand unique items to create intrigue and interest. Eclectic interior styles are on trend and can be fun, as long as they are curated well! Explore local charity shops, vintage stores or your grandparents’ lofts to find the best items. Old gramophones, iconic reupholstered designer chairs, or vintage curtain fabrics can all add to a home’s story.

Invest in Unique Light Sources

Hanging lighting always completes a tailor-made look and is often the central showstopper element in a room. Glass pendants are also a nice option for something a bit more special. Make sure there are plenty of warm-colored lamps for mood lighting throughout the home, and always include bedside lamps or wall lights for night time reading for those guests that like to delve into a good book.

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